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Brain Programming a Symbolic Paradigm in the Sub-symbolic Era


The old fight between Symbolic and Sub-symbolic approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) is not over yet.

This friendship/rivalry between researchers of both methods sometimes has turned into a love/hate dilemma.

Indeed, the quest for AI captured the imagination of researchers with an interest in copying nature to produce intelligent agents. In this talk, we review the history of artificial intelligence regarding symbolic and non-symbolic paradigms. This set up helps us to understand how/why symbolic reasoning was once the masterpiece of AI; it now seems to be void of meaning in comparison with deep learning. In contrast, brain programming opens new opportunities to look for solutions to the plethora of challenges that current sub-symbolic research is solving in multiple fields. We conclude with a list of research opportunities and a reflection on what is the main task in artificial intelligence.

Prof. Gustavo Olague

IEEE Senior Member

CICESE Research Center


When High-Performance Computing meets Artificial Intelligence: A glance to fast-forward vision

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) explosion which we are witnessing today can also be, at least in part, credited to the current advances in computing power, in particular to High-Performance Computing. This is not a brand new relation as it can be traced from the very beginning of the hardware and AI developments.

The convergence between AI & HPC is seriously and consistently pursued throughout the HPC ecosystem. This includes Deep Learning (DL) as the main engine, DL is a greedy approach. It is clear that this AL and HPC union is an excellent opportunity to obtain better and faster scientific results and translate them into industrial applications.

These accomplishments all share a single common thread. Namely, the algorithms developed to accelerate Deep Learning models' training on HPC platforms have a strong experimental component.

In this talk, I will explore some of relevant HPAI applications developed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and highlight some in collaboration with Mexican researchers.


Tecnologías Emergentes Aplicadas a la Industria 4.0


En las últimas décadas, tecnologías emergentes como la inteligencia artificial, la robótica, el Big Data, el Internet de las cosas (IoT), la realidad virtual o aumentada, la bio-impresión 3D y la neurotecnología; están revolucionando todas las industrias a una velocidad inimaginable. En esta charla veremos cómo estas tecnologías estan siendo utilizadas en la industria 4.0 para desarrollar proyectos de alto impacto y generar nuevos productos y servicios.